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Merwine's Landscaping & Excavation

Commercial & Residential

Making neighbors jealous since 1979.

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Yard Installation & Lot Clearing

Merwine's Landscaping & Excavation: Services
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In early September we asked you to build a goldfish pond. Shortly after, we left for vacation. The whole time we were gone we kept wondering what the pond would look like. All we knew was that you had said "I'll make you a nice pond." After seeing your pond and trusting your judgement, we agreed. Upon arriving home, we went to look at the pond. It was better than you had said it would be. We spent a lot of time since then just watching the fish. The dogs are also fascinated by the fish. Thanks very much for a job more than well done! Sincerely, Randy and Doris Vail

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373 Evergreen Hollow Rd, Saylorsburg, PA 18353, USA

(570) 629-5459

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